A gift to the people of Hamburg

Chilehaus – a symbol of economic revival

When businessman Henry Brarens Sloman left Hamburg for Chile at a young age, he was virtually penniless. Having made his fortune, he returned to Germany at the age of 60 and decided to give something back to his home town. On 21 October 1922 he bought a 5,000-square metre site and followed this by purchasing 4.8 million bricks from architects who were suffering the effects of rampant inflation. His plan was to create a special building that would resemble a passenger ship. Two years later, construction work was finally completed under the direction of distinguished architect Fritz Höger, and Hamburg had a new attraction.

Chilehaus is a symbol of the post-World War I recovery and became one of the city’s flagship buildings, along with the St. Michaelis Church. For over 50 years, this prestigious building has been home to companies from a range of sectors. In 1993, it was acquired by Union Investment Real Estate GmbH (formerly DIFA).


A magnificent property in the heart of the city, it was given protected building status on 27 September 1983 and has since been nominated for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.